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These Fast And Filling Microwave Meals Are Great For Students

No stove? No prob. These are perfect for work lunches, dorm rooms, or if you just don't have time to mess with an oven.

Eating balanced, filling meals isn't the easiest when you don't have a kitchen or even a stove.

Although cooking in a dorm room doesn't often lead to culinary masterpieces, there are definitely ways to have a delicious, varied diet when all you have is a microwave and a few plates.

So we created eight recipes you can easily make with a microwave so that you can get more options.

Here's what you'll need:

Let's start with the broccoli.

Next up is the quinoa.

All you need to do is mix everything together and enjoy!

Here's what you'll need:

Prepare the broccoli like we did in the previous recipe. Next, you'll have to cook the bacon in the microwave.

On to the potato!

Once the potato has cooled down a little bit, carve it and assemble.


Here's what you'll need:

Making eggs in a mug is super easy.

The best thing about this is that you can alternate the toppings as much as you like so it never gets boring.

Here's what you'll need:

The only cooking you'll have to do is microwaving pasta.

And that's how you get an easy and filling dinner.

Here's what you'll need:

The only thing you need to cook is the rice.


Here's what you'll need:

Here's how to make the perfect "baked" apples in the microwave.

Just slice an apple (you can keep the skin or not), and place it in a bowl with some cinnamon and a little bit of water. Microwave on high for five minutes. You can serve it with oatmeal and keep the leftovers to eat on their own or with some Greek yogurt.

Making oatmeal in the microwave is so easy, you'll never want to make it any other way.

Place half a cup of old fashioned oatmeal with a cup of milk or water (we mixed some of each to make it creamy but light). Microwave on high for two and a half minute —make sure to keep an eye on your bowl and check that it doesn't overflow.

All you have to do next is stir a tablespoon of peanut butter into your oatmeal and serve with the apple. 😍

Here's what you'll need:

This one is as easy and straightforward as they come.

Bon appétit!

Here's what you'll need:

You'll only have to cook the egg.

And the only thing left to do is assemble and enjoy.

Here are all the recipes:



½ cup quinoa

Salt, pepper

½ cup broccoli florets (about a handful)

1 tbsp olive oil

¼ cup edamame

2-3 tbsp sesame vinaigrette (to taste)

Chopped fresh cilantro


Pour the quinoa with a cup of water and a pinch of salt into a microwave safe bowl. Stir and cover with a plate or a lid. Microwave on high for six minutes. Take out of the microwave, stir, cover with the lid again, and let sit for 15-20 minutes, until all the water is absorbed by the quinoa.

Meanwhile, in a microwave safe bowl, stir broccoli with olive oil, one tablespoon water, salt, and pepper. Cover with a damp piece of paper towel. Microwave on high for two minutes.

Once the quinoa is ready, assemble all the ingredients in a bowl and serve. Enjoy!



2 bacon slices

1 sweet potato

2 tbsp whole milk

Salt, pepper

¼ cup broccoli florets, cooked (see method above)

¼ cup shredded sharp cheddar

Sour cream, to serve


Place a sheet of paper towel on a microwave safe place. Place the bacon slices on top, making sure they don't touch each other. Cover with another paper towel sheet. Microwave on high for one minute and 30 seconds (time may vary depending on the microwave). Uncover and chop the bacon on a chopping board. Set aside.

Poke the sweet potato with a fork a dozen time (this is very important, otherwise your potato might explode). Wrap the potato in a couple of damp paper towel sheets. Place on a plate and microwave on high for seven minutes.

Let the potato cool down for a minute, then carve an oval hole in it with a knife and spoon the flesh out into a bowl. Add milk, salt, and pepper to the bowl and mash the potato with a fork until you get a homogenous mixture. Stir in the chopped bacon.

Spoon half of the flesh back into the sweet potato. Top with a few cooked broccoli florets. Cover with the rest of the flesh and top with broccoli florets and cheddar. Microwave on high for one minute, until cheese it melted.

Serve with sour cream and eat right away. Enjoy!



Cooking spray

½ cup egg whites

Salt, pepper

1 small red bell pepper, chopped

1 jalapeño pepper, chopped

½ avocado, diced

1 tbsp shredded cheddar

Chopped fresh cilantro


In a mug, mix egg whites with salt and pepper. Microwave on high for two minutes.

Stir in pepper, jalapeño pepper, avocado, and cheese and microwave for 30-40 seconds, until the eggs are set.

Serve with cilantro. Enjoy!



1 ¼ cup macaroni

2 chicken sausages (already cooked)

¼ cup tomato sauce

¼ cup shredded cheddar

Salt, pepper


In a large microwavable bowl, cover pasta with at least twice as much water. Place the bowl on a plate (in case the water overflows) and microwave for two minutes longer than the time suggested on the box. Drain. In a bowl or on a plate, mix pasta with the sliced sausages and the tomato sauce. Top with cheese. Microwave for one minute, until cheese is melted. Enjoy!



1 cup rice

1 teaspoon Olive oil

Salt, to taste

¼ cup black beans

¼ cup salsa

½ avocado

Fresh chopped cilantro


Place the rice in a microwave-safe bowl, with one and three quarter cups of water, a teaspoon of olive oil, and salt. Microwave on high for twelve minutes. Fluff with a fork. Place half of the rice in a bowl and mix in all the other ingredients. Save rest of the rice for later. Enjoy!



1 apple

¼ tsp Cinnamon

1 tsp water

½ cup old fashioned oatmeal

1 cup water or milk (or a mix of both)

Pinch of salt

1 tbsp peanut butter


Core and slice the apple (you can keep the skin or not). Place slices in a bowl with cinnamon and water. Microwave on high for five minutes. Set aside.

In a bowl or a mug, combine oats with water or milk and a pinch of salt. Microwave three minutes on high. Stir in the peanut butter and serve with the baked apples. Enjoy!



2 flour tortillas

2 tbsp pesto

3 tomato slices

¼ cup shredded mozzarella

1 handful baby spinach


Microwave the tortillas on a plate for 40 seconds.

On one tortilla, spread pesto, top with tomato slices, cheese, and baby spinach. Cover with second tortilla and cover with a small plate. Microwave on high for three and a half minutes. Enjoy!



1 egg

2 tsp milk

Salt, pepper

1 bagel

1 handful baby spinach leaves

2 slices cheddar or provolone

1 slice smoked turkey

1 slice tomato


In a bowl or a mug, whisk the egg with milk, salt and pepper. Microwave on high for a minute and a half, until egg is set.

Slice open the bagel and toast it if you'd like. Lay spinach leaves on the bottom half. Top with a slice of cheese, the cooked egg, another slice of cheese, a slice of turkey, and a slice of tomato. Cover with top half of bagel and serve. Enjoy!